History of Frye Fashion!

6-21-2014 10-20-53 AM
In 1863, John A. Fyre started with the task of shoe making when he opened a small shop in Massachusetts. His simple vision was to make shoes that would make even the common people feel comfortable. Over the years, the business was expanded and grew to such proportions that we got the prestigious offer to deliver boots all throughout the Second World War. Throughout generations, the men of the Fyre family devoted themselves to the task of improving the art of shoe making, inventing new machinery for increase of productivity and quality and even bringing in diversified designs, models and trends in the shoe making industry. Today, we are hailed as one of the most prestigious and innovative companies that have overtaken the shoe making market not only in the US but also several other parts of the world. We offer excellent boots to our customers that come in a wide variety of models and almost all designs and patterns that you could think of. The womens boots collection that we have can make your imaginations and style go wild. From western boots for females to the famous Melissa and Veronica collections, name it and we have it. The boots are made from the best quality leather all over the world. We have our manufacturing units located in the US and other countries too. This facilitates the best use of the leather according to their handicraft abilities and texture and strength. This procedure reduces considerably reduces the cost and make our shoes affordable to everyone.

What is all The Frye about?

Started on the 10th of March 1863, the Frye Company began its journey as a small shop that dealt with shoe making. Although in the initial stages the shoes that were made here were solely meant to cater to the needs of the labor class and the common people like you and me yet with the passage of time the Frye Company has become a pioneer in setting new trends in the industry of shoe making.


Over the years we have diversified our products and have made entry into other leather items such as handbags, purses, key fobs etc. This has made us widely popular not only in the US but also all over the world. Our shoes and other leather items are regarded as a benchmark in their own categories. At present we cater to the needs of not only the common people but also stars and iconic personalities and even the army. We bring to you the craft of shoe making designed with our innovative and creative styles and accompanied with the best quality.


We make sure that the leather being used in our products are acquired from the best tanneries all over the world and our products are distributed throughout the world. Some of our products are manufactured in the US while some others are manufactured over the world. This is done so as to get the best out of the quality of leather available and the handicraft possible and also to keep the cost affordable.