Sweetheart Scams: Tina Costello Marks – Elderly Financial Fraud


Recently the stories of Tina Costello – Gypsy Scams, Fraud & Elderly Sweetheart Swindles have swept the news lines in the states of Arizona and California. Belonging to the nomadic tribe of Roma Gypsies, Tina together with her family has made it their occupation to scam the elderly till they are bankrupt.

Posing as a fake distressed woman, Tina Costello under the aliases like Tina/Nina (Marks, Steve, Adam, Stevens), this fraud woman drains out millions of dollars in cash or kind from the lonely, single, elderly gentlemen.

The cases of the Fraud & Elderly Sweetheart Swindles begin when Tina gains the trust of the elderly by narrating her distress story. She usually uses plots like family crisis, business failure, etc which gain immediate sympathies. And then she makes the men involuntarily help her in the form of business investments, personal gifts like valuable cars, etc. When she has had her fill and the gentleman is left with almost nothing, Tina goes on to find another prey.

She doesn’t do it all by herself. She has her family by her side who are equal con artists like herself. Her husband David, son Jacob and their daughter-in-law Sarah are the other players. They usually take up the roes of brother, nephew and niece respectively.

David himself runs several other fraud businesses like selling mileage tampered cars and buying cars from owners in the region of Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Arizona, California, San Francisco, etc. Extremely overweight, this con man uses aliases like David Costello, David Marks, Mark Stevens, David Stevens and David Steve.