Evolution of Business Advertising and Deals


Wizhunt will soon be viral when businesses come to find they can advertise for literally pennies per deal and customers realize they no longer have to enter their credit card to find local deals. Wizhunt Locals is by far the most cost effective advertising solution that actually produces results. The key factor of advertising is building brand name recognition and exposure, which in turn produces sales. Wizhunt strategic advertising solutions are literally designed to remove the middleman and connect businesses with consumers.



Wizhunt Locals is an incredible advertising tool for increasing business exposure. Unlike other business directories and corporate coupon sites, Wizhunt allows business to promote their deals for literally pennies per deal in an effort to help the advertising business gain added exposure. Advertising with Wizhunt costs literally pennies per deal, it tracks advertising campaign analytics, social media exposure, and drives social media viewers to deals with just a simple click of the mouse.

Why Wizhunt advertising one might ask? Coupon mailers cost small businesses literally hundreds to thousands per month and unfortunately many businesses know all to well where the majority of those have coupons have ended up. Direct mail advertising costs hundreds to thousands per use and limited by neighborhood and/or zip code and again we know where these have ended up. The giant websites that promote deals are pocketing 30%-50% of each customer purchase making it nearly impossible to profit.

Wizhunt – Deals, Coupons and Advertising for Pennies