Hand Seed Planter


Are you in the market looking for a Hand Seed Planter? The conventional and traditional methods of planting seeds are out and farmers and gardeners choose more efficient, simple to use novel methods to improve productivity and efficiency with their fertilizer and seed usage. There is no extra cost of operating with our Hand Seed Planter but at the same time it will cut your time of work in the fields by a great magnitude. Now, you can have more time to spend with your family and friends by saving time and being smarter with your field work.

Also, we now offer our innovative Garden Seed Planter that enables you to get more work done in the fields. Not only that we make the whole experience of planting in your garden better and gleeful. This garden seed planter is portable and more efficient than ever as it does all the work for you so you can make more time for yourself and relax. Currently, we have two planter models: HSP1A and HSP1B, with features of only have planting function while the latter has both planting and fertilizer. The planters come with new, fresh and durable plastic materials to ensure high quality and safety. They can be easily stored in your home.

Our Hand and Seed Planters are not only your daily use field tools, but they are your partner who will make your life much easier and enjoyable. Visit us today at our website to view our various seed and fertilizer planters.