Nonstick Baking Mat

Like most others, you love pastries, doughnuts, cookies, pizzas, etc and often want to prepare them for yourself and your family at your very own home. But in most cases, you shy yourself away from the task, dreading those awful, burnt and crusty mats that will not only take hours to clean but also render a god-awful smell that will linger about everywhere.

If this is your situation, then Flour Girl Kitchen has come to you. They have brought to you a new range of baking mats that will not burn like before and take you hours to clean. These mats launched by the brand are approved by the FDA and assure 100% healthy food with no chance of odor or contamination.

The range of nonstick baking mat marketed by the brand can be easily cleaned with just soapy water and being non-stick allows the food to slide easily. They are safe for being used in freezer, microwave, oven or dishwasher and can tolerate temperature in the range of -40°F – 450° F. Measuring 16½” * 11”, this mat measures about half the size of baking sheets.

As the mats are non-stick, there is no need of addition of additional oil or grease to the food item, preventing the consumption of additional fat. It has a silicone surface that ensures that the odor of the food is not absorbed and the fine mesh of the mats allow the heat to be distributed evenly. It can be used almost 4000 times and is completely eco-friendly.