Roof Replacement Northern Kentucky


Next time you find yourself in need of Roof Replacement Northern Kentucky services, look no further than Harmeyer Roofing and Construction. Why do we confidently recommend them? Well, because we know most homeowners would rather not have to deal with a roof repair or roof replacement project. These tend to be long, drawn out projects that drain your wallet and your patience. They tend to be more expensive than you originally thought, last too long, and soon become a nuisance and an overall headache for the home dwellers. But with Harmeyer Roofing and Construction your roof repair experience will be just the exact opposite. Harmeyer Roofing and Construction is a true game changer.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, they have grown to build a reputable and experienced company specialized in roof replacement and Roof Repair Northern Kentucky. But most importantly for you, their client, is their amazing workmanship warranty, unlike any other you may find in the market. Most roof repair companies tend to offer a limited, short warranty on their workmanship, something around one to two years. For such an expensive and invasive project, you could surely expect them to do better than that, right? Well, Harmeyer Roofind and Construction truly delivers on this. Their workmanship warranty covers a full twenty years. This is how confident they are in the quality of their work. But that is not all, you can also obtain additional warranties on their materials! Give them a call and ask for details.