WordPress dpaBadBot


Do you have a WordPress website that you want to protect from the hackers or the bad bots sent by malwares? Well then, it’s time that you take care of your website and install the best protection against such attacks. Without the proper protection, your site is exposed to ddos or dos attacks as a result of which your site will practically be useless.

The best way to protect your website is to install anti-hacking software like dpabatbot. When you have this plugin installed no other software or plugin is required to fight off the threats that your website faces from the hackers and other bad bots. This plugin works by monitoring your website minutely and will effectively block out any efforts to evade your security measures via hackers, scanners, scrapers, bad bots, web crawlers or anyone who seem suspicious.

Although you cannot stop hackers or other malwares from scraping your website, this plugin will allow keep safe your website by disallowing the suspicious visitors from causing any damage. Sometimes these incoming visits are blocked off for one day or at times permanently. The plugin doesn’t allow the hackers to corrupt any files that may be on your website.

And if the attacks from a particular ip continue repeatedly, the plugin will automatically permanently block the ip so that no further attempts can be made. Moreover, with this plugin you can lock off your website so that no one can enter through the wp-login script. This plugin is quite cheap and a must have for anyone.